Spreading the charm of Towada City to the world!

Brief overview of Towada

Towada City is located in the southeast of Aomori prefecture. Lake Towada and Oirase 

Gorge are special scenic spots and designated natural monuments of Japan.

Towada is a famous destination in Tohoku. Lake Towada is a national park and a wild life sanctuary. Its natural scenery is carefully protected and its ancient appearance is preserved as it is.

Towada City is one of Japan’s three biggest reclaimed land projects.

From a desolated plateau, communities carved out rivers, made fields, and the town was established. Towada was transformed into an agricultural area, well-known for raising livestock, and its produce is bought throughout the country.

These days, Towada is committed to building a beautiful city in harmony with nature, as a ‘city of art’, that started with the Towada Contemporary Art Museum.