Introducing sightseeing spots in Towada City, Aomori Prefecture, Japan.

Lake Towada

Located in Towada-Hachimantai national park, this is a caldera lake formed by a volcanic eruption. By the lake shore, there is a statue of two maidens by Kotaru Takamura, Sightseeing ferries operate across lake. Towada Shrine is located on the Nakayama peninsular attracting attention as a power spot.

Oirase Gorge

Oirase River is the only river running from Lake Towada. The 14km section flowing from the lake side of Nenokuchi to Yakeyama is called Oirase Gorge. It is a cultural asset designated as a special scenic spot and natural monument. With many waterfalls along the mountain stream, it’s also called “Waterfall Road”.

Towada City Government Office Street (Koma-kaido)

This street is chosen as part of the “100 Japanese Roads” election. Stretching 1.1km, there are 156 cherry blossom trees lining this road that bloom in full glory in the spring. During this time, Towada City provides custom illumination, letting people enjoy the flowers in to the evening as well. The observation room, on the top of city hall, is open to the public and boasts a birds-eye view of blossoms that turn the entire road pink.

Towada Modern Art Museum

Through the contributions of 33 artists, both domestic and overseas, this space has 38 works of art on display. Beyond the exhibition rooms, some works are found in the courtyard, the roof top and staircases as well. The architecture of the space itself was developed to work with the pieces to provide new experiences to the visitors. There is am art presentation outside, along the sidewalks, displayed as art furniture.

Towada Horse Park – Komakko Land

Since old times, Towada City has prospered as a production center of Nanbu horses and during Meiji period, Towada City was home to a warhorse supplement division. In the park, there is the Shotoku-kan, a museum dedicated to introducing the culture and history surrounding the Nanbu horses. There are also pastures where you can experience feeding horses and riding horseback, and parks with large playground equipment.