Towada’s special products.

Towada’s special products.

Towada City has many delicious traditional foods. Let us introduce our specialties.

Towada Bara-yaki

This is a dish that seasons thinly sliced beef and lots of onions with a sweet sauce based on soy sauce and is then cooked on an iron plate. This is the soul food of Towada locals.

Kuro-ninniku (Black Garlic)

This health food is dried garlic that has been matured for about 1 month. By aging it black, the nutrition of garlic remains intact and it develops a fruit-like, sweet and sour taste. It is delicious to eat as is.

Lake Towada Kokanee (Sockeye Salmon)

Raised in the mysterious Lake Towada, Kokanee is a freshwater fish of salmonid family. Thriving in the pure water of the lake, it lacks the odor peculiar to river-fish. As sashimi, the melting flavor of the fat is popular. And when salted and grilled, the umami flavor is drawn out.

Aomori Towadako (Towada lake) Wagyu Beef

Aomori Towadako wagyu is a rare Japanese wagyu, with about 200 shipments per year. This wagyu, that is a representative brand of Towada, boasts a quality of A4 rank or higher. The meat is soft and has fine marbling through it. We recommend eating as yakiniku or steak.

Oirase Garlic Pork.

Raised on feed infused with garlic powder, Oirase Garlic Pork is Towada City’s foremost pork brand. Due to the fat’s melting point being lower than that of other pork, it has a melt-in-your-mouth flavor. Simply saute and eat it, and you will experience the sweetness of the fat and the ‘umami’ of the meat.