Towada of vegetables

Towada City is a region where agriculture is popular. As a cool wind blows in June and July, many root vegetables suitable for this colder climate are produced. To grow good quality vegetables, we are focusing on maintaining healthy soil. By analyzing the nutrients of soil in fields and by applying proper fertilization based on the result, we can adjust the soil’s nutritional balance, and draw out the natural sweetness of the vegetables.


The garlic grown in Towada accounts for more than 20% of all production in Japan. Most of Towada City Garlic comes from species called Fukuchi white. This best breed has six segments in a bulb. This type of garlic is large and it’s white like snow.

Naga-imo (Sticky Yam)

Towada City’s yams are white and sticky, and are notable for their low astringency. These yams are chopped, grated and eaten raw. They are used in local cuisine, like suiton-soup, and are also used for pickles and are an important part of various dishes.

Gobou (Burdock Root)

Aomori prefecture boasts the nation’s largest production volume of gobou, and within Aomori, Towada City is the top-class production volume in the prefecture.

It has a crunchy texture and great flavor, and when sliced thinly, it’s a popular snack eaten raw.

Green Onion

In Towada’s green onion, the green and white parts are distinct, a trait highly valued by market traders. This green onion is less pungent and sweeter when it’s heated, so we recommend grilled green onion.